Fire Emblem Heroes - Tips and tricks for the battle, the missions and more

Need a little help? With Fire Emblem Heroes, you will be able to get some more out of the adventure with some tips and tricks. The next adventure of the series has now been released for Android and iOS, and many fans have already pounced on the app. But we can already help with tips and tricks if you do not get any further.

For example, there are often problems and mistakes with Fire Emblem Heroes that cause the game to fail. If you are struggling, then follow the link to our guide, where we will discuss this topic. If you can, however, play Fire Emblem Heroes without any difficulties, then read the following tips and tricks , which make the beginning easier.

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Fire Emblem Heroes - General tips for getting started

There are some things you will learn at Fire Emblem Heroes by and by. The game itself explains you a lot and gives you nice tips in the menu . We looked at them and brought them together with our own clues. At the beginning of the game, for example, we were very happy about the possibility that we could expand our castle . If it is so, then we want to dampen the pleasure in the place something, because so much you can not do at this point. The tips for the expansion of your great accommodation remain. However, what you should know, read the gray info box .

But that should not frighten you , of course, because you should underestimate the value of this possibility! But we come to the abilities . You plant your fighter on the field, and while they do the opponents put an end, in this way level up their characters and gets your little skill points . This FP can then be spent on new skills. Go to "Units" in the menu and then "Learn Skills" . The new skills of your fighters do not leave you alone, so always pay attention and do not forget.

Fire Emblem Heroes - With our tips the start is easier.

Speaking of characters: The heroes who support you in the fight against the dark power are far from everything. You can unlock new legendary heroes and allies. For this you have to click on "Call" in the menu and can summon more helpers there . For this, however, you need spheres and we advise you to invest them at the beginning also exactly there. One or two new fighters will not hurt you.

Tips on missions and potential

There is a difference between quests or missions and chapters . If your Fire Emblem plays Heroes, follow the chapters. You also have the option to complete quests and missions. These are small challenges that you can complete. You will find them in the well of your castle. Find out what you like and do not forget to complete the monthly missions. For the final you will be rewarded with items and so can your fighters additional leveling . The nice thing is that you can repeat these missions as often as you like, which means you can use them well for fast leveling.The missions at Fire Emblem Heroes will help you level up.

One of the most important tips: With Fire Emblem Heroes you can release the potential of your heroes. This means you can create your own 5-star characters . For this, you have to reach level 20 with the fighter and then release his potential. This means he will be downgraded to level 1, but will get another star in his bar. In addition to the high level, you also need heroic feathers , which you will always receive as a reward in the storyline or in arenaduals.

Campaigns for the battlefield

The fighting system of Fire Emblem Heroes is quite simple, but we want to give you some tips. Basically it is like this: You move your figures (so also the opponents ) over squares until you stand before the enemy and the fight breaks out. This works automatically and you do not have to do anything else. The preparation takes place before the fight. This works similar to scissors, stone, paper . With our tips, you can have a positive impact on the fight.

Ranged and melee: There are significant differences in distance and close combat. While a melee has to take a box in front of your opponent, you should leave a box at the distance fighter. In this way it is not so easy to attack.

Rider: This class has the possibility to move forward on the field. Pay close attention to the area when you choose your fighter. You will be shown exactly how far you can move.

Weapon types: The types of weapons are displayed with the color symbols. Then we come back to scissors, stone and paper. The blue lances are effective against red swords, the red swords are good against green axes, and with axes you turn the lances.

Gray symbols: Fighters marked with gray symbols have advantages and disadvantages against the opponents, regardless of the colors and weapon types. They can be archer, healer or ninjas.Before the start of the mission: Before you go into another chapter, look at which opponents you expect. So you have the opportunity to adapt your team to the challenge. This is one of the logical tips, but you can quickly forget or neglect this.

Opposition Moves: Use the ability to explore the movements of your opponents. Click on the corresponding enemy character and look at the field within which you can move. So you can work out a strategy for your next moves. In addition, you can activate "Danger Zone" and then see which features of the opponent await you next.

The emergency solution: If an important battle does not work well and you know you will lose, then click on Settings and choose "Blessing of Light". In this way, you can revive your fighters and heal the living ones. Everything is filled. You use a sphere or a "blessing of light". So you should use it only if the fight is really important.

Also Check out the video below for some other tips and tricks on Fire Emblem Heroes

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